2 Day Freestyle Weekends

We’re excited to announce another new program for the 2023 season, the Love it Live it Freestyle Weekends with either Bartosz Czauderna or Nick Beavis. 


Aimed at developing all aspects of your freestyle kayaking, you’ll receive personalized coaching from some of the best on the elements of freestyle that you want to work on.


Expert technique advice – we can break down any freestyle move or combo and provide you with key points and valuable understanding to help get that move nailed.


Long -term development – we aim not just to help you out during our time together, but also to provide you with all the understanding and knowledge to continue your development on your own after the trip is over.


Daily video feedback – we will use progressive, positive coaching and resources including extensive video analysis.


Interested in the competition side of freestyle kayaking? Our expert coaches can also offer guidance on how to maximize your performance for competition:


Run construction – how to choose which move to do first? Go big or be conservative? Should you try to link moves or keep it simple? We will tackle all these questions and more to help you put together the perfect run on any feature.


Competition scoring – a fundamental part of winning competitions that are often overlooked is whether you are scoring what you think you are. We can help you understand how judging works, and help you build a comprehensive understanding of the latest competition rules.


Competition preparation – we can help you prioritize your training to identify key areas for focus and help you put together a training plan that provides higher performance.


Mental preparation – some days you paddle well, and some days you don’t. We will discuss ways to put yourself in the right mindset, and feel positive to make sure your big competition day is a day when you’re on fire, not washed out.


Note: Nick Beavis (June 30 – July 9, 2023) Bartosz Czauderna (July 22 – August 20, 2023)

New Offering for 2023
  • 2 Day Freestyle Weekend

    Friday Arrival

  • Locals Rate

    Lunch only no stay over


*Price is subject to 13% HST & $10/day/person

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  • Trip Duration: 2 Days

    Trip timing can vary depending on daily river conditions. Our professional Instructors always prioritize safety and guest enjoyment!

  • Professional Instructors

    Love it Live it Instructors: Bartosz Czauderna and Nick Beavis are world-class kayakers and instructors who are here to help you achieve your freestyle kayaking goals.

  • 5 Meals Included

    Saturday Breakfast through Sunday Lunch

  • 2 Nights of Camping Included

    Camping equipment not included

  • Daily Shuttle Included

    Meet your instructor at the Park Village. After breakfast, a daily orientation and gear loading you will board the bus which takes the class to the river. Each day ends at the Park Village within walking-distance from your vehicle and to the Pavilion.

Not Included / Optional Upgrades

  • Kayak and Equipment Rental

    Rent all the equipment you'll need for your two day class for $132.

  • Accommodation Upgrades

    40% discount on all accommodation upgrades

  • Stayover Package

    Stayover packages bundle your choice of activity with dinner and breakfast meals and a campsite.

  • Wetsuit Rental

    Do you get cool easily? Add a wetsuit to say warm on the water!

  • Storage Lockers

    We have coin operated storage lockers to keep your valuables safe while you are on the river.

Trip Itinerary

  • Check n at Wilderness Tours

    1. Arrival & Check-In [ –00:45 ]

    Arrive AT LEAST 45 Minutes before your kayak program begins.

  • River Shop Retail Shop at Wilderness Tours

    2. Dress for the River [ -00:30 ]

    No cotton clothing. Closed toe shoes or sandals with a heel strap.

  • 3. Meet your Instructor [ 00:00 ]

    It's time to meet your instructor for your class. They will explain what to bring, what to wear and the schedule for the day. This is a great time also to ask any last minute questions before your day starts.

  • Gearing Up Ottawa Kayak School

    4. Gearing Up

    Each program begins the same way: an orientation and personalized sizing of the equipment you will be using.

  • Ottawa Kayak School Safety Briefing

    5. Safety Briefing

    Ottawa Kayak Instructors have your safety in mind. Before getting on the water, your instructor will explain the safety procedures for the day.

  • 6. Let's Kayak!

    A short walk away is the start of your day! Starting on flat water and focusing on technique, your instructor will help prepare you for the rapids on the mighty Ottawa River!

  • Lunch Sea Kayaking Wilderness Tours National Whitewater Park Ottawa Kayak School

    7. Lunch

    Rehydrate and refuel because your day is only half over!

  • 8. More Kayaking!

    Continue challenging yourself! The second half of the day will build upon the first half of your instructor's lesson plan.

  • Park Village Return Ottawa Kayak School

    9. Your arrival back to Park Village

    It's been a full day of whitewater kayaking but don't run off just yet! Your instructor will provide you with an itinerary for Day 2 and the evening's entertainment options.

  • Live it Love It Kayak Weekends Ottawa Kayak School Ontario Canada

    Day 2

    Day 2 starts with a bang! Focusing on the implementation of the skills covered during Day 1 but in whitewater!

Bring 4 friends and your trip is 50% off. Just like our rafting programs we also have a #1 Club for kayakers, bring 5 or more kayakers and receive a discount for the next season.