June Rafting

Best whitewater is NOW

June Rafting just started! Throughout the adventure world, there are calls to action which make the blood run faster and smiled turn giddy. Examples are ‘surf’s up’ or it’s a ‘powder day’. On the Ottawa River it’s ‘High Water’ which means a giant surf wave for kayakers and for rafters, it means the best two days of rafting found east of the Rocky Mountains.

While the Ottawa is always good, there are some levels that take it from good to great and we have it now. There’s no better time to get your friends and family together and to come check out some of the most unique rapids on the Ottawa River that aren’t normally out in the summer time!
It's the Most Glorious Time of Year

Day 1 is the Main Channel with two of the rapids rivalling the Grand Canyon. Bus Eater is world famous rafting as you paddle hard into the “soft spot” between the river wide white-faced monster with Bus Eater on your left and Big Bus on your right. With all big water runs, an unscheduled swim is possible and with the zodiac rescue boat on patrol below, river time is brief. Further downriver is “Coli-West” with its rolling towering waves. For enthusiasts, the rafting just doesn’t get better.


Day 2, after a well-deserved dinner, campfire entertainment and good nights sleep, is the Middle Channel which is peaking as well. Favourites like Little Trickle and Lower No Name cap the best two days of rafting anywhere. It’s just that great at these water levels. 



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