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Family Rafting Day Trip

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The Family Rafting Day Trip is an exciting experience featuring class 2 and 3 rapids, body surfing, swimming from your own floating island, and a stop beside Garvin’s Chute, a beautiful 20 ft waterfall, class V rapid.

This trip is specifically for families with children between the ages of 5-12.

There are very few things parents and children can do together and both enjoy – whitewater rafting is one of them! How many times do you hear parents say “we do it for the children” or how many times do children think when their parents drag them through a museum “why can’t we go to the amusement park”? Well, you’ll get none of that on this trip. Even the history is presented to the kids in a fun way.

This exciting day features class 2 and 3 rapids (compared to class 4 and 5 on the High Adventure trip), body surfing, swimming from your own floating island, and a stop beside Garvin’s Chute, a beautiful 20 ft waterfall, classVl / rapid. Parents will be so proud of their children and children will think mom and dad are really cool.

Once you’ve reached the resort, the adventure continues on our beachfront. From swimming, to flat water kayaks and SUP boards there’s an adventure for everyone.

Looking to stay overnight? Consider our Family Mini Vacation Package or our Gentle Family Rafting Resort Package will be the perfect fit and save you $.

Need some more information? Check out our FAQ’s section or send us an e-mail at [email protected] 

Do you have to go rafting to come to Wilderness Tours?
You don’t have to raft to join your friends or family for a whitewater rafting adventure. Just reserve a non-rafting program or our resort day to enjoy Canada’s top adventure resort with its water park, nightly entertainment, hiking trails, good food and more. You’ll do everything expect for whitewater raft, and there is a lot to do!  

We recommend arriving 45 minutes before your Pre-Trip Briefing time. Your briefing time can be found in your reservation information. Arriving with enough time before your trip will ensure that you can get prepared for your trip at a comfortable speed. Our trip briefings operate ON-TIME. Shuttles for trips generally depart 30 minutes after the pre-trip briefing time.

You will need to wear footwear that will stay securely on your feet (NO FLIP-FLOPS, NO CROCS, ETC).
You will also want to dress according to the weather. Our trips operate RAIN OR SHINE. Regular swim-wear is good. If you get cold easily we recommend you wear a wet suit. Bring your own or rent one of ours. Please note: cotton t-shirts and sweaters will actually make you COLDER. We recommend wearing synthetic materials for sun protection; wool or neoprene for thermal insulation; rain jacket outer shell for wind protection.

It’s time to meet your trip leader for the day. They will explain what to bring, what to wear, health and safety considerations, and the schedule for the day. This meeting usually lasts 10-12 minutes. This is a great time also to ask any last minute questions before you depart for the river. After the pre-trip briefing is complete you will have a few final minutes to make any last-minute adjustments with how you are dressed or also make any last visits to the restrooms.

Our transportation service shuttles your group from the Park Village 9KM up-river to the “put-in”, where your rafts and guides are waiting. This is a one-way shuttle as you will be rafting all the way back to Wilderness Tours Rafting Resort. None of your belongings should be left on the bus.

Wilderness Tours pioneered whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River in 1975, our guides have the most experience as we’ve been setting the standard for whitewater in Canada going into our 5th decade. We have your safety in mind first in everything we do. Your trip leader will explain all of your equipment and safety procedures for the day.

You’ll face many rapids on your journey down the river. The rapids you descend and the specific lines your guide chooses will depend on the river conditions of the day. The beauty of the Ottawa River is that at every water level, there’s an exciting and appropriate route to take!

Our trip stops half way down the river. At this stop, you will get the chance to have a quick snack, relax, enjoy the beautiful views of the river, and use the restroom.

The second half of the trip holds many more exciting rapids! Depending on the specific water levels, your guides will also show you some exciting extra activities such as raft surfing, cliff jumping, and/or body surfing.

The final stretch of the river before arriving back at Wilderness Tours Rafting Resort is a perfect lazy river swim. When your guide says it’s safe to do so, hop out of the raft and enjoy the relaxing ride!

The currents slow down just in time for you to catch the right-hand turn into the bay at Wilderness Tours Rafting Resort. Your guides will instruct you on the end-of-trip procedures such as gear returns, post-trip media viewings, use of the beachfront, resort amenities, and evening entertainment options.

Trip timing can vary depending on daily river conditions. Our professional trip leaders always prioritize safety and guest enjoyment!

Wilderness Tours combines whitewater rafting with access to our resort amenities such as flat water kayaking, SUP boarding, inflatable waterpark, and swimming to create the best adventure on the Ottawa River.

Wilderness Tours guides are famous for their industry-leading skills, as well as their friendly personalities and positive attitudes.

A hearty lunch is included either after or before your whitewater raft trip depending on your trip timing.

Paddle, personal flotation device, and a helmet are provided prior to your trip

This trip begins by meeting your trip leader just out front of the Rafters Pavilion. After a safety orientation, you will be provided with gear, then you’ll board the bus which take the trip to the beginning of the rapids. The river then flows back downstream to the Wilderness Tours Rafting Resort where the trip ends on shore, walking-distance from your vehicle. 

Stayover packages bundle your choice of activity with dinner, breakfast, and a campsite.

Our media team captures those special moments worth saving – so you can focus on paddling! Pre-book your video and photo package to save 20% off. Choose this option during checkout!

We always say, “there is no bad weather only bad gear.” We have you covered for all weather situations. Wetsuit rentals are available on site to keep you warm no matter what the skies are doing. During the month of May and after Labor Day weekend, wetsuits rentals are complimentary for all trips.

We have coin operated storage lockers to keep your valuables safe while you are on the river.

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  • Saturday/Holiday
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*Price is subject to 13% HST & $15/day/person

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MAKE IT A MULTI-DAY family adventure & SAVE $$$

Family Rafting Resort Package is the best combination of rafting and resort fun. Now available on weekends as well as weekdays, this package contains a great day of gentle rafting on our middle channel, BBQ lunch and body surfing on your first day.

Your second day is a fun-filled day at the resort where you can choose to play with the kayaks, paddle boards or simply head for the beach or a hike out on our extensive trails.

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This is our best package for families with kids ages 5-12. The Mini Vacation Package, or MVP, is our flagship family package and hands down the best combination of excitement for the kids and best family value. 

Package the ever popular Family Rafting Day Trip. with our Raft’n’Rod Day Trip and our resort amenities to create the best valued adventure for your family!


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A week of kid sized whitewater thrills, resort activities, sports and recreation at the Wilderness Tours Outdoor Resort.

Our Family Adventure Camp program offers all that Wilderness Tours has to offer families; great whitewater rafting, flat topped kayaks, stand up paddle boards, beaches, hiking trails, scenic look outs, beach valley ball. These packages include your family gentle raft trip, Sea Kayak trip, Raft and Rod trip, and resort day.


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