Gentle Rafting on the Ottawa River July 2020

Covid-19 Policy


THANK YOU for considering Wilderness Tours for your outdoor adventure. With safety our top priority these last 5 decades, we approach COViD 19 with that same respect and commitment.

We believe the safest place to be during this pandemic is in nature. For that reason, we moved our operation 10 minutes upriver to the Park Village at the National Whitewater Park at 1260 Grants Settlement Road. The Park Village is conveniently situated at the ending confluence of the Main and Middle Channel and the start of the Lower Channel. We are surrounded by wilderness and wildlife right at the water’s edge.

To meet health department guidelines, we have had to modify our operation and deliverable. Please be patient and understand it is for your safety and that of our staff. Let us guide you through the process:

Choosing the right rafting trip
During Covid, we are restricting rafting to “Bubble Groups” meaning family and friends that are safe with each other in close association. We have a minimum bubble group size of 4 and a maximum of 9. Please see our offerings below to choose the right trip and raft for you.

Wilderness Tours grew by “sharing the magic” found in whitewater and encouraging our guests to do the same through our #1 Club. By filling your raft with your “bubble group” you will receive a complimentary trip and you will have the satisfaction of “sharing the magic” found in whitewater with family and friends.

High Adventure
Note: health guidelines require us to modify the intensity
Main Channel
CLASSIC RAFTING is 12-person raft the can accommodate a bubble group of 6-11. Note. 

SPORT RAFTING is our best trip in small, sporty 4-6 person rafts with spacing for the guide. Book 6 and the 6th person is free

Middle Channel
Note: health guidelines require us to modify the intensity

GUIDE YOUR OWN RAFT Our GYOR program is part of popular Getaway featuring both channels. It is also available as a stand-alone Day Trip. Bubble group size is 4-6. Note, the 6th spot is free.

SPORTYAKING is a 2-per inflatable kayak. Bubble Group size is 2.

Gentle Adventure
MIDDLE CHANNEL GENTLE RAFTING is the perfect family outing. Minimum bubble group size is 4 and for bigger families, the 6th spot is free.

Please click here for our full COViD 19 Required reading before your trip.