Although many of the great rapids are gone (because the downstream Chenaux Dam backed up water and flooded them) the Lower River is still a jewel. It is characterized by spectacular rock formations and hidden gems of small sandy beaches and sand bars. The Lower River still provides excitement with such a crowd pleaser as Muskrat, Mice and Clark’s Folly. It also offers a great fishing experience and is home to WT’s very popular raft and rod trip.

Starting at Moon Lake, the Raft and Rod trip navigates down river in raft and sportyaks (inflatable kayaks). A trip highlight is Blacks Rapid which offers fun waves with no consequence other than getting wet if you flip. Everyone gets to try it and kids just love it. Lunch is on an island we call “Fish Island” for obvious reasons. After lunch and a fun filled fishing experience for kids, The Lower River Experience is only available as part of our Family Mini-Vacation package or Sea Kayaking trips.