For couples wanting to marry in the cathedral of nature” Wilderness Tours can provide a spectacular and unique wedding at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding. With our on site accommodations and amount adventures we provide, your wedding can be like weddings of old which lasted days and everyone celebrated together. It will be something you, your spouse, your friends and family will remember forever.


Email or call 1-888-723-8669. Please note that most of our accommodations have a 2-night minimum so encourage your guests to make a weekend of it.


ABOUT WILDERNESS TOURS Wilderness Tours pioneered whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River in 1975. Since then the Ottawa has become Canada’s most popular rafting and kayaking destination and Wilderness Tours has evolved into its premier adventure resort company. Being first on the river enabled WT to acquire the most spectacular locations. Those special places are available to you on your special day. A real chapel is in our future but for now our weddings are held in nature’s cathedral.


A WT wedding is popular choice for couples beyond great value. Our sites are spectacular, our adventures enhance your event, the food is very good and the ambience is especially wonderful knowing you and your guests can walk to your cabin after celebrating.


Wilderness Tours has several locations for weddings as small as the bride and groom and as large as 200, all with their special character:


Email or call 1-888-723-8669