Wine Tastings

Hosted by our resident wine maker, Adele Kowalski, experience Adele’s hand-picked local wines complemented by a special charcuterie board featuring local meats and cheeses from the Ottawa River Valley.

Wine is often referred to as a “gift from the gods”. Perhaps because growing grapes and making good wine is not easy. In fact, it’s horrendously difficult. That’s probably why we appreciate it so much.  

While the Ottawa Valley does not come to mind like Niagara or Napa, but thanks to some persevering wine pioneers, we are getting there. Wilderness Tours is all about local and this is our opportunity to showcase local talent and local wine. Come experience the best of what the Ottawa Valley has to offer! 

A unique experience requires an exceptional individual to curate and guide the experience.

Adele Kowalski, our resident winemaker, is that person, bringing her wine making expertise from years working for many leading wineries in Sonoma, California and Niagara on the Lakes. 

Starting at 4pm and lasting 90 minutes, Adele will guide you on a vineyard tour, and wine tasting with hand-picked local wines complimented by a special charcuterie board featuring local meats and cheeses from the Ottawa River Valley.

Come early and visit the Ottawa River Gorge overlook as rafts and kayaks alike take on the challenge of Butcher’s Knife rapid.

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ARRIVAL | 15 Minutes Early
Your vineyard tour and wine tasting program begins at 4PM beginning with a meet and greet with your host Adele Kowalski.

Over the next 90 minutes experience a selection of local wines, meats and cheeses selected by your host Adele Kowalski as she guide you through the experience learning about winemaking techniques and wine styles.

  • Wine Tasting

    Per person | 6 Person Minimum


Note: Prices are subject to 13% HST & $15/day/person Park Pass

*Holiday Rate,  **Spring & September Discount – Opening Weekend – June 23rd, 2024 and After Labor Day Weekend.

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