Sierra Team Training | Renfrew County Paramedic Services

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As residents of the County of Renfrew, the Wilderness Tours team would like to thank the County of Renfrew Paramedic Service Sierra Team for their service to our community.

Wilderness Tours is proud to have hosted the Sierra Teams Winter Rescue exercises at our raft trip riverside lunch site on the mighty Ottawa River.

Curtis Farrell, Deputy Chief of Operations for the County of Renfrew Paramedics Service, noted, “Renfrew County is fortunate to have an abundance of outdoor adventure space. The ongoing training of the Sierra Team is an essential component to ensure the safe and effective response to residents and visitors who find themselves in distress while in one of these remote locations within the County of Renfrew. The Sierra Team prides itself in being able to bring emergency medicine right to the patient regardless of the location. This is only accomplished through rigorous “real life” training opportunities.”

Providing physical spaces and training courses for Forces: Fire, Rescue, Police, and Military, is a core offering of Wilderness Tours.

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