Casey Bryant Jones Signature Week

My goal is to provide you with the tools and instruction needed to feel comfortable rolling and paddling in bigger, higher-volume whitewater so you can step up your kayaking game confidently.

As the director of the Ottawa Kayak School I have the distinct pleasure of leading many trips of differing intensities throughout the year. My favourite progression to be part of as an instructor is helping kayakers develop confidence in their whitewater or “combat” roll and learning to love the feeling of kayaking in big water.

To start, we will need to revisit foundational skills like edge control, combination strokes, the hip snap, body positioning and paddle dexterity.
Throughout the week we will work on dialling in your roll so we confidently begin working on transferable skills like surfing and using various river features to your advantage. Then we’ll put it all together into the specific skills you’ll need to feel comfortable stepping up to bigger, higher volume whitewater.

Learn how to paddle through boils, how to paddle in big waves, and more. We’ll be working in a supportive, challenge-by-choice environment on the best, friendliest, and warmest big water training ground in the world, the Ottawa River.

In order to make the most of this experience, you’ll need a desire to work on “bomb-proofing” your whitewater roll and the intent of paddling big water confidently.

I’m so excited to offer this opportunity with Ottawa Kayak School, and I can’t wait to spend the week with you. I’ll see you on the river!

Casey Bryant Jones – Director of the Ottawa Kayak School

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Need some more information? Check out our FAQ’s section or send us an e-mail at [email protected] 

Your kayak program begins with a 7 pm briefing followed directly by a meet and greet.

To best prepare you for your time on water with Casey, he will begin his program with a review of the basics. From the way our boats and gear fit to our most basic techniques, our aim is to master the fundamentals.

  • Body Maintenance & Warm-Up
    One of the most important things a kayaker can do is body maintenance. Paddling for several days in a row can be hard on ones body so Casey will lead you first thing in the morning before breakfast in a stretching and maintenance routine to get you feeling energized for the day. 
  • Gearing Up
    Each program begins the same way: an orientation and personalized sizing of the equipment you will be using.
  • Safety Briefing
    Boyd has your safety in mind. Before getting on the water, Casey will explain the safety procedures for the day.
  • Let’s Kayak!
    Starting with a basics review and focusing on technique, Casey will help you achieve your goals!
  • Lunch
    Rehydrate and refuel because your day is only half over!
  • More Kayaking!
    Continue challenging yourself! The second half of the day will build upon the first half of Casey’s lesson plan.
  • Your arrival back to Park Village
    It’s been a full day of whitewater kayaking but don’t run off just yet! Casey will provide you with an itinerary for Day 2, lead an end of daily activity sauna session, and the evening’s entertainment options.

As the program continues, Casey will encourage you, the participant, to take the skills you learned in Day 1 and implement them in more dynamic scenarios providing feedback along the way through verbal coaching and video review.


Trip timing can vary depending on daily river conditions. Casey always prioritize safety and guest enjoyment!

Casey is an industry-leading instructor, and possesses a friendly personality and positive attitude.

Starting dinner on your arrival evening and ending with lunch on your final on-water day.

All Ottawa Kayak School programs include a campsite, however, camping equipment is not included.

As a reward for all of the hard work you’ll put in this week, Casey’s planned a special Wine Tasting event with our resident wine maker on Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm.

Each day begins by meeting Casey at the Rafters Pavilion. After breakfast, a daily orientation and gear loading, you will board the bus which takes the class to the river. Each day ends at Rafters Pavilion within walking-distance from your vehicle.

Ottawa Kayak School is proud to be the World’s first Jackson Kayak super school. For $330 CAD, you can rent a Jackson Kayak (AntiX 2.0 or Rockstar V), paddle (Werner Rio), helmet (Sweet Wanderer) , sprayskirt (LevelSix King), and PFD (NRS Ion) for the duration of your program.

Choose to upgrade to one of our many accommodations and receive a 40% discount when you book a multi-day whitewater kayak program.

Stayover packages bundle your choice of activity with dinner, breakfast, and a campsite.

We have coin operated storage lockers to keep your valuables safe while you are on the river.

Can be arrange, please contact Ottawa Kayak School via e-mail at [email protected]

  • July 21 - 27, 2024

    New for 2024!


Note: Prices are subject to 13% HST & $15/day/person Park Pass

*Holiday Rate,  **Spring & September Discount – Opening Weekend – June 23rd, 2024 and After Labor Day Weekend.

An example of Casey’s instruction style

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