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In the company’s early years, Wilderness Tours found importance in a partnership with the Lion’s Club to introduce people to the river and fundraise. They were very successful events with a thousand rafting and more for dinner.  


As you of may know, we sold our former resort property at 503 Rafting Road to Summerhill, a RV Park Company, which also acquired Logos Land. With parks across Ontario, Summerhill will be a welcome addition to Whitewater Region.  


A few years ago, Wilderness Tours has purchased our competitor River Run, with the purpose of eventually moving to a smaller property to coincide with Canada’s changing demographics. Our plan was to renovate the River Run property and then move. For many of us, Covid changed everything, and we moved as soon as the Pandemic started.  


While our staff, programs, and commitment to the finest rafting/kayaking in Canada has not changed, our resort has! After much effort, we are now ready to introduce the local community to our new home at the National Whitewater Park proudly partnering with the Beachburg Lions Club.  


This years Community Day is Sunday, June 12th from 11 am – 5 pm with a 9:30 arrival for those rafting. Attendees are invited to use the spectacular waterfront. The meal will be served from 2-5 pm. 

Space is limited so reserve now.  We look forward to hosting you.  


Joe Kowalski  

Founder – Wilderness Tours

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Meal and Resort use

$30/per and $15/per ages 5-12

Waterfront opens at 11 am and served 2-5 pm

Optional Rafting available at special rates:

  • High Adventure for adults/teens $139 – rating is difficult
  • Middle Channel Adventure for Adults/teens $139 – rating is moderate
  • Family Rafting for children ages 5+; Adults $109 and kids  $79

Minimum weight for adults/teens is 90 lbs, kids 50 lbs


The last day for reservations is Tuesday June 7, 2022


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Park Village at Wilderness Tours Ottawa River

Space is limited
and reservations are necessary, HST extra

Net proceeds to
the Lions Club fundraiser